Welcome to Paint Party Supplies

We offer high quality American Made party paint and supplies to consumers who wish to have small to medium sized paint parties both for kids and adults. Our neon paints are non-toxic, water based, and are Ultraviolet reactive (glow under UV black lighting) so you can use them outdoors as they are very bright in sunlight or for an indoor/outdoor UV glow party in the dark.

Depending on your order size, we usually ship within 72 hrs of receiving your order and payment and we only ship to locations inside the U.S (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).

If you have any further questions about us, please visit our FAQ's Page or Contact Page. If you would like to order a quantity above a total of 20 gallons of paint, please contact us.

You are in charge of the entertainment. Let us be in charge of making sure you get quality paint to you on time every time you need it.

According our customers, our product is the BEST! It is ready to use but can be diluted to preference just before use. If you are having a party of a few hundred or a few thousand people or more, add our fluorescent paint and some black lights. Take your party from a dance and light show to a party all night show.

You can purchase our 16oz bottles of paint alone or as an add on for fundraising, extra revenue, or just to invite crowd participation. To learn more about our different paint types, products and uses, please contact us.

Thanks for your interest in our products…. We Know You'll Love Them…