Paint party paint has been specially formulated to be as safe as possible. It is a non-toxic water based washable fluorescent neon paint that glows under a black light (ultraviolet light). While it was designed to wash off skin and most surfaces, it can leave mild stains on certian materials that are light colored. The good news is that most of the party goers like mild stains on thier white T-shrts so they can keep a souviner to remember how great that paint party was.

You are in charge of the entertainment. Let us be in charge of making sure you get quality paint to you on time every time you need it.

According our customers, our product is the BEST! It is ready to use but can be diluted to preference just before use. If you are having a party of a few hundred or a few thousand people or more, add our fluorescent paint and some black lights. Take your party from a dance and light show to a party all night show.

You can purchase our 16oz bottles of paint alone or as an add on for fundraising, extra revenue, or just to invite crowd participation. To learn more about our different paint types, products and uses, please contact us.